New Website?!

Yep. Time for a change. All the cool kids have fancy new blogs, and I figured I should join the party. Originally, I wanted to create my own content management system/blogging software. It would be a fairly large project, and I never bothered getting started on it. I never really updated my old site with any frequency, because I had a half-assed system set up that made updating a difficult process. I figured I’d go with a pre-existing piece of software that would meet all my needs, giving me the opportunity to concentrate on publishing new content. I considered Blogger briefly, but I wanted something that I had full control over. I’d heard a lot of good things about WordPress so I decided to give it a try. It’s pretty slick, and I’m very happy with it so far.

I still have a lot of work to do on the site, but at least I have the main blogging stuff set up so I can write some things here. I’ll be adding in the old content from the last site, and I’ll also add in a gallery so I can upload a pile of pictures I have sitting here on my hard drive.

10 thoughts on “New Website?!

  1. It’s about time!…. I can’t wait to read about the exciting adventures of Robert Maeder. Will there be lots of pictures as well?

  2. I like your website it is devine.
    I can not wait until you write again, so I can enjoy your writings some more.
    Mention times of fun and happiness, anger and frustration.

    Toggle switch,


  3. Chris – there will indeed be tons of images on this site very soon.

    Carly – you are actually my brother Mike… I checked the IP address. But thanks for trying to make me feel “online popular”. What’s the deal with “toggle switch”?

  4. Hey Rob…

    What the birds is going on here?? Why don’t you have the best website in the history of websites on here? Suddenly I’m not in the “all the cool kids” list you have going there..

    Well I guess this just means you really DIDN’T like my website. I thought you said it was good?!… Oh you probably just forgot.. well so everyone who wants to see Robert Maeders favorite website… go to

    Robert said that he bases all of his work on this piece (of art that is.)

    So Rob… you can add me in there… it will say “All the friggin cool kids” sound good?…. Took me hours to write that…

    Thanks Buddy!

  5. ZhM: I have no idea who you are, but I have the feeling this is some sort of blog comment spam. Following the link you provided brought me to a shitty website. Fuck you.

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