New Truck!

Danger Ranger

At the end of February, I had to get rid of my car because it wouldn’t pass an emissions test. They actually wouldn’t even attempt to do the test because of several safety issues that would have to be fixed first. The car wasn’t worth fixing, since I only paid $50 for it, and I’d probably need to spend at least $500 to get it semi-road worthy.

I went without a car for about a month, getting drives to work with a coworker who lives near me. It was nice not having to buy gas or pay for parking, but after a while, I started to get annoyed at not having my own wheels. I was in contact with a guy who was selling his truck, but he wanted to find a replacement vehicle first. After a couple weeks of waiting, he finally found a new car and he sold … Read the rest

Petro Canada gave me a shitty car wash

I went to a local Petro Canada to fill up put half a tank of gas in my car the other day and I decided to get a car wash while I was there. Everything was going well until I reached the drying section… The giant air blowers were blowing with such force that the cover for my front driver side blinker blew off. It may have already been cracked, but the thing just flew right off. It was sorta funny.

I went and told the cashier, and he told me to go talk to the ‘car wash technician’ who was really just a high school kid wearing a reflective vest and a hard hat. He went and got my part out of the car wash and I glued it back on when I got home.

All fixed up

Also, when I got home, I realized I had just paid $8 for the … Read the rest

Gas Pump BSOD

I was at an Esso station a while back, and the pump crashed. Actually, it wasn’t the pump itself, but the advertising system they have on top of each pump. When you start pumping gas, the LCD screen activates and you see commercials and public service announcements. I only wish I got out of the car to take a better picture.

Esso gas pump crashed

Closeup of Esso BSODRead the rest

An unpleasant Oil Changers experience

Here’s a story I meant to tell a while ago…

About two months back, it was time for another oil change on the ol’ Taurus. Rather than doing it myself, I took it to my local Oil Changers, which was a bit of a mistake.

Since I got my car in August of 2005, I’ve done all my own oil changes, rather than bringing my car to a shop. It’s not really that difficult to do, and after getting help from my brothers the first couple times, I can now complete the entire process myself in about 20 minutes. Getting the oil and a new oil filter from Canadian Tire costs under $15, so doing it myself saves me money.

Since it was so cold outside and no car will ever fit into my garage, I decided to take my car to Oil Changers to get the oil changed. … Read the rest

The Great Canadian Adventure was a Success!

Our trip was a lot of fun and full of some neat adventures. We decided late Friday night that taking Spencer’s car wouldn’t be such a great idea, so we opted for a rental. I called Avis Saturday morning, and they said they would rent me a car for $199, with unlimited kilometers. After taxes and a couple of little fees, the total for the week was just under $240. I opted out of their insurance because Spencer convinced me to call my credit card company and get them to add insurance to my card. For just $29 a year, I am fully covered, so I figured it would be a good deal. Insurance through the rental agency would have been almost that much per day.

We left Whitby around 1pm Saturday and we made it to Winnipeg by Monday morning. We stayed in Sault Ste. Marie the first night … Read the rest