Eagles of Death Metal rock the Mod Club

I only heard about the Eagles of Death Metal concert last week, even though tickets went on sale in September. When I found out, I was pretty excited, since they are a great band and I’ve heard they put on a live show worth checking out. I went to buy tickets, but of course they were long sold out.

Yesterday, out of the blue, my friend Spencer emails saying he has extra tickets. Lucky me!

Eagles of Death Metal play fuzzy-guitar straight up rock and roll, complete with falsetto vocals and ample doses of cowbell. They sounded great live, despite a few technical difficulties with microphones and things. Lead singer Jesse “The Devil” Hughes looked like he was having fun, which made it easy for the crowd to have a good time.

Bottom line: loud dirty rock + beer = a good Thursday night.

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Justice Live At The MySpace Music Tour

Last night I went down to Toronto with some friends to see Justice at the MySpace Music Tour which was held at The Sound Academy. It was a great time, although the scheduling for the night FUCKING SUCKED.

Doors opened at 8pm, and we got there close to 9. Fancy was supposed to be there to start off the show, but I’m pretty sure the opening act was some DJ I’ve never seen before. Does this guy look familiar to anyone?

Who is this guy?

Busy P played an awesome set and really got the crowd jumpin’. He did drag on for a while, and there were a few lulls, but overall he had a good energy and kept the crowd excited. Busy P has the craziest French accent I’ve ever heard.

The crowd goes crazy for Busy P

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Alexisonfire is too cool

I guess a lot of people couldn’t make it to Sunday night’s concert because of the snow storm. Alexisonfire, being the cool dudes that they are, decided to put on another show in January for those of us who couldn’t attend the other day.

From their website and MySpace page:

For those of you who could not make it, we want to put on another show just for you.
If you are one of those people, bring your UNUSED ticket to:
The Sound Academy (formerly the Docks)
Friday, January 25, 2008

More details will be available on their website at a later date. I’m really impressed they are doing this and I’m looking forward to getting a second chance to see these guys in January!… Read the rest

More Ticketmaster suckage and a missed concert

unused concert ticket

When I purchased the concert tickets online, there was no option for me to print my own ticket. I’m not sure if that’s not available anymore or what. Since the concert was only two days away, I obviously couldn’t have the tickets delivered, so my only option was to go pick them up from my local Ticketmaster outlet at the Oshawa Centre. I fought through Saturday afternoon crowds and made my way to Sunrise Records, only to find out their “Ticketmaster was down” and they couldn’t print tickets. The guy told me to come back on Monday, and I told him the concert was on Sunday. So my only option was to drive two cities away to Pickering to pick up my tickets.

The worst part of all is that we didn’t even make it to the concert. Saturday night and Sunday morning was the worst snow storm of the … Read the rest