Welcome Wagon Comes for a Visit

Yesterday I was putting out my garbage at about 6:30pm when a lady showed up at my house carrying a large basket full of goodies. She was from the Welcome Wagon, which is a company that offers a free “greeting service” to new residents in various communities.

She gave me a bunch of pamphlets and information about Oshawa, coupons for discounts and free offers from local businesses, and some free samples as well. Check it out:

Look what the welcome wagon brought me!

I got a free sample from Mary Kay, a coupon for $10 worth of business services at the UPS Store, a bunch of random coupons, a toothbrush, popcorn, some pens, fridge magnets, a diaper, and a six week old copy of the Oshawa Express newspaper.

Six week old newspaper...?

The Welcome Wagon has been around since 1930, and does visits for other “lifestyle events” such as brides-to-be, new grandparents and expecting a new baby. It’s basically a … Read the rest

House Update: Three Months Later

So I’ve been in my house for just over three months now, and I’m loving it. I’ve learned a lot about being a homeowner, living alone, paying bills, dealing with neighbours, and I’ve also learned a lot about myself.

For me, owning a home is a lot different than renting or living with your parents. I really notice the little things, like how messy the house gets, repairs that need to be done, and general upkeep that houses require to stay in good condition. I now understand the whole “pride of ownership” thing, because I am the sole person responsible for everything in my house. Even though I live alone, I sometimes find it difficult to keep the place clean. Just a couple of lazy days leads to dishes piling up, floors that need sweeping and vacuuming, and bathrooms that need washing. Plus there’s lawn maintenance, houseplants to be watered … Read the rest

I Bought A House!

Yep, that’s right. I started house-hunting back in November and after looking at about 50 houses in the Oshawa/Whitby area, I finally found the one. It’s a nice little link home in Oshawa, up near the Five Points Mall. I really like the layout of the house, it’s in a good location, it has a decent sized yard and it has a garage. For my first place, I couldn’t ask for more.

I put an offer in about a month ago, did a bit of back and forth negotiating and we settled on a really good price. Now is a great time for first time homebuyers, since house prices have dropped and interest rates are really low. I’m off to the lawyer’s in about an hour to get the keys, and I’m pumped. Tomorrow I’ll be doing some cleaning and getting some things set up and Saturday will be the … Read the rest