LASIK Update: Six Months Later

Yesterday I had my six month checkup after having LASIK eye surgery done back in December. Everything checked out very well, and I am very happy with the results. My eyesight is slightly better than 20/20, and I am totally enjoying the freedom of not having to wear and worry about glasses.

There are a couple of small side effects that I am dealing with. I find that my eyes get dry sometimes, and I’m a bit more sensitive to light than I remember being before the surgery. Dryness is easily remedied with a couple of eye drops. At most, I’ve had to put in eye drops two or three times a day, which is tolerable and not a big deal to me. Most days I don’t have any issues, but if I’m tired or working on the computer for an extended period without taking a break, I notice … Read the rest

Lasik was a success!

Laser eye surgery is nothing short of amazing. In just 10 minutes, my eyes were fixed and now I can see perfectly without glasses.

I went to the TLC centre in Toronto last Thursday morning and had a great experience. I was there for about two hours, with most of that time spent going over paperwork, finalizing details and prepping for surgery. The staff were all friendly and assuring, easing most of the stress I had about the procedure. My surgeon, Dr. Nick Nianiaris, was very straightforward, very skilled, and kept me calm during my time under the laser.

Here’s a basic recap of what happened: I sat in a waiting room with two other people awaiting surgery. A nurse came in and explained what we’d be going through, and talked about aftercare and recovery. She cleaned my eyes a couple times, put in a bunch of different eye drops … Read the rest

Getting lasers shot into my eyes

After years of wanting to do it, I’m finally going to get LASIK laser eye surgery. I’ve done tons of research, talked to people who’ve had it done, heard the horror stories and I’m at the point where I’m ready to do it.

I’m scheduled for tomorrow morning at 9:40am at TLC in Toronto. The actual procedure only takes about 15 minutes, but it is a bit scary, since they are going to be cutting and touching my eyes and a big laser is gonna shoot rays at me. Recovery is usually pretty quick, and a lot of people report seeing clearly almost immediately after the surgery. I’ll have to use various eye drops for the first few days, but I should be able to return to most normal activities within a week.

I’m pretty excited and a bit nervous, but I’m really looking forward to life without glasses. Wish … Read the rest