Reddit Secret Santa – Disappointing Experience

This year, I decided to participate in the Reddit Secret Santa gift exchange. I know a few people who’ve done it in the past, and it seemed like a really neat idea, plus I’d be part of a Guinness World Record.

When you register, you have to option of being matched up with someone in your own country, or someone from a different part of the world. I chose the worldwide option, and I sent my match a cool Hunger Games pocket watch that I purchased off a really nice seller on Etsy. I was excited to see what kind of fun and interesting gift I would receive, and wondered what part of the world it would be coming from.

I came home today to find a note on my door that I missed a delivery. I rushed off to the post office, grabbed the yellow box and was … Read the rest

Lucky picture of lightning

I found this picture on my computer recently. I remember taking it a few years ago outside my parents house. I used a long exposure and pointed the camera to the sky, hoping to catch some lightning. It only took a few tries before I got this picture, which I thought was pretty cool.

lucky picture of lightning
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Big dirty spider

A few days ago I was putting away the trampoline for the winter and I came across this big dirty spider. It had a big body and some interesting markings on it. I did a bit of Internet research, and I think it’s an orb-weaving spider. Perhaps a “shamrock orb weaver”. Either way, it was super gross, so I just had to take a couple of pictures…

It has a bit of web coming out of its butt.

Check out the weird markings on the body.

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I really like Halloween. I like when people take the time to put together a cool costume. And I really like Halloween parties. Here’s a couple of pictures from two weeks ago:

Me, dressed as one of the robots from Daft Punk

My brother Chris, dressed as a Lego man
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Around this time last year, Durham Region started up its green bin program. We put kitchen scraps into a green bin, which gets picked up and composted as part of a waste diversion program. I think it’s a good idea, but when we first started it last year, we had a little issue with maggots:

Closeup: (click for larger image)