I can’t wait for the damn U.S. election to be over

For the past year, I’ve been hearing waaaay too much about the upcoming U.S. presidential election. I’m tired of it. I’ve heard enough about Obama and McCain and that stupid Palin woman. Sure, this whole thing will probably have some serious impact on the economy and the world, but as a Canadian who’s not very interested in politics, the amount of political shit being force-fed to me is annoying. TV, radio, the newspaper, magazines, the Internet… you can’t escape hearing the latest news about some campaign or scandal.

We just had an election in Canada, and it came and went in about a month. That was annoying enough, but at least bearable, since it was somewhat relevant to my day-to-day life and relatively short lived.

I can’t wait until Tuesday (November 4th) when the whole thing is finally over with. … Read the rest