Toronto Action Summit

This past Saturday, my brother and I attended the Toronto Action & Networking Summit, which took place at the Hampton Inn, near the Toronto Airport. It was an interesting event, and it gave us a chance to meet one of our Internet heroes, Brad Gosse.

My brother is on Brad Gosse‘s mailing list, and that’s where we heard about the event (and we got free tickets too!). Unfortunately, we couldn’t stay for the entire day, so we only got to see the first two speakers present. The good thing was Brad Gosse was the first speaker of the day, and he was the main reason we went to the event.

Brad Gosse speaking at the Toronto Action Summit

Brad Gosse speaking at the Toronto Action Summit

Brad is an entertaining guy to watch. He’s straightforward and real, and doesn’t come across as fake or contrived like many speakers do. His presentation contained swearing, cutting through the … Read the rest

Lucky picture of lightning

I found this picture on my computer recently. I remember taking it a few years ago outside my parents house. I used a long exposure and pointed the camera to the sky, hoping to catch some lightning. It only took a few tries before I got this picture, which I thought was pretty cool.

lucky picture of lightning
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Big dirty spider

A few days ago I was putting away the trampoline for the winter and I came across this big dirty spider. It had a big body and some interesting markings on it. I did a bit of Internet research, and I think it’s an orb-weaving spider. Perhaps a “shamrock orb weaver”. Either way, it was super gross, so I just had to take a couple of pictures…

It has a bit of web coming out of its butt.

Check out the weird markings on the body.

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Working like a chump

Back in June, the company that I work for decided to cut everybody’s hours and salary, because they aren’t making any money and they didn’t want to lay anybody off. It was a shitty situation, but I guess it was handled the best way it could have. Instead of laying off one or two employees, every employee got a pay cut. The good news: I don’t work Mondays anymore. The bad news: I don’t make very much money.

In July, my friend Albert told me the Ford dealership he works at was looking for a shop cleanup person. It didn’t sound like very exciting work, but it paid more than minimum wage, and it offered convenient hours and a location close by. I decided to take the job, expecting to get around 10 hours per week. Instead, they have me working 20 hours a week, which is good for the … Read the rest